MIRROR TALK by Louis Hay is an incredible tool to start your self love journey. It may feel uncomfortable at first but that's completely normal. Always remember, your greatest life is waiting for you outside of your comfort zone.

The long version is great to start with but REPEATING out loud I LOVE YOU (insert your name) is enough for your daily practice ritual. It is also very helpful to write down the emotions you feel as you journey through these next 28 days.
I will be posting videos with messages from myself in some of the lessons, so please ensure you click and listen.

I invite you to put your right hand on your heart centre and close your eyes. That alone may bring up negative sensations and emotions but repeat I LOVE YOU (always say your name) and take notice of what you feel & where in your body did you notice the sensation?
The negative sensations & emotions you feel are caused by limited beliefs that are stuck in your subconscious which create a trigger of emotion so you can work through it and release it.
I can promise you that you will feel less uncomfortableness in as little as a week. This is why it is great to journal your feelings and sensations from day one. If you notice your inner conversations are self sabotaging you, immediately tell yourself I LOVE YOU. This is a great exercise to practice for DAY 1 and every day thereafter as well.
Limited beliefs hold you back unconsciously from living your greatest life in complete joy.
I became a Certified Focused Intention Technique (FIT) coach in 2009 because the 11 step process helped me tremendously when I began my healing journey in 2006.
Connect with me if you would like to experience a FIT session as you journey through the next 28 days practicing
the lessons I provide on a daily basis.

I will post "I LOVE YOU" every day as it is an exercise that needs to be done every morning when you first wake up and before you go to sleep. Anytime you think something negative about yourself during the day you should not only change the thought to a positive one but also say this "I LOVE YOU, (name). I REALLY, REALLY LOVE YOU!! Put your right hand on heart centre when saying it to increase the positive energy flow. It may feel awkward at first but push through that feeling because I promise you, before you know it, your heart will fill with unconditional love for yourself and a smile will appear on your face when you think of yourself or see your reflection.
Pay close attention to your thoughts all day, stop the negative and change to a positive thought. So many amazing things flow into your life and soul when you love yourself unconditionally. Love every dimple in the wrong place, every freckle on your face, your toes, every curve of your body, everything about yourself because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING! When you love yourself you will see how incredible, nourishing and peaceful it is to spend time with yourself, enjoying your surroundings and time alone. It took me some time and inner work before I could enjoy time alone but WOW do I love it now.
I challenge you to make time for YOU every day whether it be waking up early to just enjoy your coffee in silence, or waking up early to read a chapter in a book, make time for a beautiful walk while listening to the sounds and really taking in every sight around you. 
Loving yourself will not only help you LOVE LIFE but incredible new opportunities flow into you life!
I am excited for everyone that takes this step toward changing their life!! It is so incredible how people around you actually feel your new positive vibration energy and they benefit from it even without knowing.
You are in charge of your choices and can make amazing changes by practicing self love, positive mind training, gratitude on a daily basis. I will help you along the way every day for the next 28 days.

The more intention you put into making loving yourself a daily ritual the faster you will FEEL the joy in your heart and the faster incredible new opportunities will flow into your life.

Take some time to assess yourself by answering the following questions for each item below. At the end of the 28 days I will re-post so you can see the difference.

Make Two columns on a piece of paper. First column title Vibration of and write down the list from 1 to 21 below; the second column title Where am I now? The second column is where you will rate your feelings.

Simply write down a number between 1 and 10 with 10 being the best you can be. Fill in without judging yourself, just answer with honesty knowing that where you are now is completely okay and thank yourself for the amazing changes you are committing to make for yourself.  When I post this on day 28, you will see and feel a difference. I am excited for you and very proud of you for taking this important step on the path to re-creating your UNLIMITED YOU and living your greatest life.

1. Self Esteem 2. Putting the needs of others first 3. Worry/frustration 

4. Resentment/bitterness 5. Shame/guilt 6. Anger/irritation 7. Fear (of failure, 

success/intimacy, commitment, taking risks, etc.) 8. Overwhelmed 9. Self-motivation

10. Creativity 11. Physical Health 12. Joy/enthusiasm 13. Relationship with friends 

14. Relationship with self 15. Relationship with partner 16. Relationship with family

17. Relationship with creator/universe 18. Forgiveness for self and others 19. Sexuality

20. Job/work/career 21. Financial abundance 

I encourage you to leave comments within the lessons, email me [email protected] or text me anytime at 780-340-6708 with any questions or simply letting me know how you are feeling as you process through each day!



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